Sslcheck - a Simple Way to Check for Expired Ssl Certs

One of my responsibilities is to help maintain the infrastructure at Computer Science House. We have an ever growing number of servers, and we are always looking for ways to make managing these servers easier. Recently we have been running into problems keeping track of when our ssl certificates expire. Several other sysadmins at CSH have written little scripts to verify the status of our certificates, but there was no single solution that we used. Well now there is. Over the last week I’ve been diving into golang and figured it would be a good exercise to write up a tool to handle this job. Thus, sslcheck was born. Its a really simple project, it does 3 things:

  1. List the status of the certificates for the given services
  2. List only the expired certificates in the list of given services
  3. Send either of the previous reports out via an email

The usage for ssl check is also simple:

$ sslcheck
$ sslcheck -warning
$ sslcheck -email

Installing it is easy too!

$ go install

As always comments/questions/contributions are welcome.